Call for Workshop Proposals

We encourage and invite interested parties to submit a proposal for organizing a Workshop. Workshop proposals will be collected and evaluated as they are received until October 24, 2023.

The Workshop proposals should be submitted from the researcher's home page on the ICCSA 2024 Electronic Submission System:

The form to be filled will require the following information:

1) Title of the Workshop  (Please select a simple name, close to the aim of the workshop. Do not include here the acronym.)

2) The Acronym of the Workshop including the year, 2024 (e.g.: VRA 2024)

3) The description of the Workshop, detailed Introduction, aim and purposes of the Workshop

4) Description of the topics (themes) of the workshop

5) The detailed list (name, surname, email, organization, country) of the Program Committee members

6) Name, Surname, e-mail address and Organization of all Workshop organizer(s), which HAVE TO BE REGISTERED TO THE PORTAL in advance. *THIS IS A NEW REQUIREMENT FOR INCREASING SECURITY*. Please ask all Workshop Organizer to register and respond to the email for VALIDATING THE ACCOUNT. The MAXIMUM number of organizers for a workshop is 6.  

7) Previous experience of the organizer(s) in organizing Workshops (if any).

8) Name, the affiliation, and e-mail addresses of at least three colleagues of the organizer(s) who can assess the ability to organize a Workshop

9) A short description on how the workshop will be advertised.

The organization of successful workshops in previous editions of ICCSA (at least 5 papers accepted in the Proceedings, minimum no-show up, several discussions and questions during/after presentations), including the participation of the Workshop Organizers to the Conference, will be given priority ranking for acceptance.

The information provided by the workshop organizer(s) to the Conference Chairs shall remain strictly confidential.

The Workshop Organizers are responsible for all the organizational aspects including soliciting submissions and providing the details of an adequate number of reviewers for the Workshop papers. Workshop Organizers are also fully responsible for ensuring that only high quality papers are accepted for publication in the Proceedings and for verifying the correctness of the layout adopted by the authors. They are also responsible for choosing the actual reviewers (three at a minimum) for each paper and for monitoring the reviewing process on the reviewing system, in collaboration with the Conference Program Chairs.

Papers with less than 3 reviews will be rejected.

Workshop Organizers (or their Deputies) are committed to attending ICCSA 2024, setting the order of presentations and chairing their related workshop(s).

The publication in the Springer LNCS series need still be confirmed.

Paper submission

The submitted paper must be between 12 to 18 pages long and formatted according to the LNCS rules.

The submitted paper must be between 12 to 18 pages long and formatted according to the LNCS rules.

The submitted paper must be between 10 to 18 pages long and formatted according to the LNCS rules.

The submitted paper must be between 8 to 11 pages long and formatted according to the LNCS rules.

The proceedings will be published as a special series of volumes of the Lecture Notes on Computer Science (LNCS) edited by Springer (We are waiting for the acceptance by Springer), and indexed by Scopus, EI Engineering Index, Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index (included in ISI Web of Science), and several other indexing services. The papers will contain linked references, XML versions and citable DOI numbers.

All reviewed papers will be checked against Plagiarism and Generative AI. 

Contact Information:

David Taniar
Department of Software Systems and Cybersecurity
Monash University
Email: david <dot> taniar <at> <dot> 

Osvaldo Gervasi
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Perugia
Via Vanvitelli, 1
06123 Perugia
Phone: +39-075-5855048
Fax: +39-075-5855024
Email: osvaldo <dot> gervasi <at> unipg <dot> it