Keynote speakers

Prof. Giuseppe Liotta

Full Professor, Dept of Engineering, University of Perugia

email: giuseppe <dot> liotta <at> unipg <dot> it

Network Visualization: Some Algorithms and Applications

Prof. Giuseppe Liotta


Giuseppe Liotta is a professor of computer science at the Department of Engineering of the University of Perugia, Italy. He received his PhD degree from ``Sapienza'', University of Rome. His post-doc appointment was at Brown University, US. He spent long term research visits at McGill University, Canada, and at the University of Sydney, Australia and short term visits in several research institutions worldwide. His research interests are mainly directed at the analysis and design of algorithms and systems that have applications in the fields of information visualization and visual analytics, computational geometry, network analysis, and graph drawing. On these topics he edited special issues, wrote surveys papers, book chapters, and published about 300 research papers. He regularly serves in scientific boards, program committees, and is the editor in chief of the journal Computer Science Review and of the Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications. During the years, Giuseppe has been the PI of several grants issued by public and private research sponsors and the co-founder of a spin-off company.